317 "Special"

  • I bought this \"rolling chassis\" at an auction for $40, gave $200 for a salvaged 18 HP Kohler engine from a Miller welder. After that, I quit keeping track of $$ spent! [​IMG] Stretched the frame 30\", had new driveshaft made at local machine shop. Front wheels are 8\" trailer wheels on 4-bot hubs. Made the seat with 2 \"two-cylinder 420 cushion sets, foot rests are made from salvaged aluminum running boards. Bed is native White Oak. Other parts were picked up along the way from ebay & other sources. Paint is Rustoleum \"Charcoal Gray\", just to be different!
    rnI built this as a parade unit & \"just to see if I could\"! ~~ grnspot110

    Now sold!


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