2011 X540 w/54" Deck

  • I finally took delivery today of my new 2011 X540 / 54” today.

    I am replacing a 10 year old Scotts (by John Deere) 25/48 which I completely abused and have to say fought a valiant battle for a “box store” tractor.

    The only additional items I ordered with the tractor so far are the brush guard and the halogen headlights. I made those decisions based on some of the posts I have read here. The JD rep who dropped off the tractor today couldn’t stress enough how expensive the hoods cost to replace on these tractors so I know the brush guard was a wise insurance policy for $111.00. I upgraded the lights because I have yet to own a tractor that you can actually cut at dusk with. We’ll see about this one.

    I basically only drove the thing into the garage and let my kids take it for a quick test drive around the driveway so I don’t have much feedback about the tractor just yet. One thing that is going to take some getting used to is the brake which sits above and before the forward and reverse foot controls on the right. That may just be something I have to adjust to.

    Planning on ordering the 48” snow blade in the fall to replace my 11 year old white snow blower (again, great machine but time to retire it).


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