• They saw me coming on this one. My second tractor. My first was a Ford 9n, lost it when I moved, ran out of money, had no way of transporting it. had to leave it. So I looked for another, found the 5000 cheaper than I could find a Ford 861, which I wanted. They lied to me so much, now I do not know what to believe from that dealer. Said it was a 1976, it was a 1966. Said they used it regularly, I doubt that, the things made a sqeal, and the delivery man said oh it needs a cluth, didn't they tell you that. NOOOOOOO. Come to find out, it had been rebuilt transmission, but they didn't know what they were doing, it came apart internally, and I had to replace so many parts, and the PTO stuff too, all stripped out on me eventually. But the clutch Was new and didn't need replacement. Oh boy. they saw this city boy coming.
    It cost more than I paid for the tractor itself to fix it. used my cruise ship money to pay for that one. The wife had died, so I was not going on a cruise.


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