1963 Ford 4000 Row Crop Select-O-Speed

  • My first tractor. Got it and the implements in exchange for some sweat equity on my buddies part. He is doing the manual labor and I am funding the resurrection....for now.

    The tractor had been sitting for 8 or 9 years without being used. Inflated the tires and towed it home. Dumped some ATF in the cylinders, cleaned the plugs, gapped the points, gave it a shot of starter fluid and it fired off.

    So far we have
    Restored the gas tank
    Replaced starter switch and button
    Replaced starter solenoid
    Air cleaner
    Rebuilt carb and sediment bowl
    Swapped plugs, oil, tranny, hydraulic, and differential fluids
    Swapped fluid in the final drives
    Gave it a rattle can face lift

    Amazingly after all these years the 3 point lift seems to work perfectly, PTO is looking good, and we have all 10 forward gears and both reverse gears.

    This tractor will be used for food plots mainly.


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