The Yanmar compact tractors of the late 70s thru the 80s and into the 90s really didn't change much other than color. The color choices are original red, John Deere green and now black.

These were originally made in 20-kg (44-lbs) and 30-kg (66-lbs) sizes.

The original

The John Deere green

And the Yanmar black mostly used from 2000 up to today.

If you can't get a hold of any of the above, there is another source to look at.

Should none of the weights here seem obtainable due to supply or empty pocket change,
then here are the measurements to wooden cast your own in concrete. And as a rule, make the hook ear wider for both strength and to make up the difference of density.

The measurements are in millimeters. Because this was taken on an EU site. And Yanmar tractors are METRIC. :p

Here is a Yanmar owner who made a very novel concrete mold.
Thunderheart calls these the pacman weights

He used some 2"x4" hardware cloth and some rebar to reinforce them around the mounting slit and a piece of 3/4" PEX water pipe to create the through-hole for the mounting bar. Additionally, all-thread with a couple of bolts and washers on each end. Each weight took a little less than one 80 lb bag of High Strength concrete (about 5000-lbs) and the bracket on his YM 3110 will hold a total of 3 of them for 240-lbs.

Where do these go on the machine? Mostly the front unless you can snag a John Deere rear bar mount for the back.

The nice part of these suitcase weights are, they fit 99% of ALL Yanmar tractors. Look at the current production EF series.

This past weekend, the faded John Deere green were in bad shape. So, removing the surface rust and buffing it down, the color of choice was the modern black look.