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Working On a B Allis

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Working On a B Allis plus More

After a year of not doing much on any of my tractors. I completed the stripping down of the final drives to bare castings for one of the B's that I am working on. I put in the new seals, axle, and pinion shaft today. The shims for the outside pinion shaft cap was put up so I could find them with ease. Just spent two hours picking up and moving stuff around to find that special place. Seems like it would have been in the same special place that the cap and bolts were, but NO I had a better place for the shims. Sure wish I had a helper to blame. Any way I have several final drives laying around so one day next week I will pull some out of the junkiest looking one I can find.
I will put togather an album with pictures as soon as I can find my camera.

Work done a year ago on the same tractor. Pictures of the transmission rebuild.

Transmission rebuild pictures
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Dick, I've got a shop like that too!:rolleyes: Seems like I'm always putting something away carefully.... so carefully I can't find it!!:cry: At least it sounds like you've got some spares. Good luck, looking forward to the pics. :D
A little more work on the B. I have pictures of the axle where the flange that the oil seal seals against has deep grooves in the flat sealing surface. I call Sandy Lake Implement and they do not have a part number or drawing that this area was not part of the total axle. I pressed the ring off and will make several on the CNC lathe in a few days. I forgot to take a picture untill I had started to remove the ring. I will take another picture when I get the new one pressed back on.

Oil Seal Ring
heres a pic of my allis b. it was in peices spread all over when i got it. small tractors aren't to common here so it took a while to get it done but its finished now.


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Good looking AC b :thumbsup: What place did it win i see the ribbon on the front.
got first at a parade in montmarte. where my mother lives my winch truck is in the can see the 25 hp ruston hornsby made in england behind it is a 19 hp fairbanks morse
Nice looking tractor Bear, I like the adjustable front. I have had several B's but none had the adjustable front axles.
Here is a picture of the new oilseal rings I made up on my CNC lathe along with the one that was bad. I did make a few extra sets of oilseal rings while it was set up. I sold about half of them already but would set up again if needed.

Oilseal Ring Pictures
Your a handy man to have around Lamar!:clap:
Hey Dick L have you finish your B Allis yet its been awhile would like to see it.
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