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Where is the port to connect the code reader on 4710? & stupid light.

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I've opened the hood & can't find the plug for the code reader. I bought a scan tool that is supposed to be for this tractor, but can't figure out where to connect. No luck on internet search. My check engine light comes on sometimes with the weird little symbol to the right of it (bottom rt corner of caution panel). If you turn the engine off & restart, all is fine. it's not overheating. Damn computers.

Thanks for the help.
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The port will most likely be protected from moisture and dirt by a cover, could be on the firewall, if it is an OBD port, look for something about 3" to 4" wide and the same long with a bunch of wiring going into it, have you had a look under the dash below the steering wheel, again if on the outside, will be covered.
Cab or open station? Research I found shows, If cab tractor…OBD2 located on lower right side panel, below fuse block. It’s a round plug, you will need an adapter if using a standard flat connector cable. B
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