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Long story short, my 89 year old father in law - and his father - both purchased identical Sears SS/16 tractors in the mid 70's along with some implements for them. His Dad passed on, and all of his equipment went to my father in law as backups.

Although he is getting on in years and slowing down a little, my FIL is still very able, and just bought a new tractor to run a snowblower on. He has used his SS/16 for grass duty for most of these 47 years, but only as a backup mower the past few years, he has another tractor that he only uses to cut grass. His Dad's SS/16 has been dedicated to blowing snow. His gardening days have been over for a while.

He bought the new tractor because, at almost 90, he's tired of fiddling with old things out in the cold. He used them last winter for blowing snow and for mowing this spring when his mowing tractor was having some engine seals replaced, but has been having trouble starting them and didn't want to deal with battery tenders and doing carburetor work this winter. Mom-in-law persuaded him to treat himself to something new while he can still enjoy it.

SO - it is time to thin the herd. He wants to dispose of the old equipment, as he doesn't want it sitting around unused, and he asked me to help out.

Here's what's got to go:
Two mid-70's Sears SS 16 HP lawn tractors
one with a mower deck on it, used this past spring
one set up for a single stage 42" snowblower, used last winter
rear tire chains are on both tractors
Gathering dust in the barn:
another mower deck
another single stage 42" snowblower
one tow-behind 38" Craftsman lawn sweeper
one tow-behind 8HP gas tiller
one front mount dozer blade
one tow-behind dethatcher
one tow-behind disc harrow

Dad-in-law is not online and I'd rather not part this equipment out a piece at a time or deal with a bunch of Craigslist tire kickers for multiple weekends. I have no need for these tractors or implements, I have a small suburban lot. It's all obviously old, some of it well used, some hardly used; scrapping it just seems wrong. I restore other old tools and equipment and I know how I'd feel about coming across a group of related things that I would like to work on and use at a very reasonable price.

So - I'm looking for some advice on getting all of this in the hands of someone who is interested in giving it a new life as a package deal, hopefully, here in Chicagoland.

I am hesitant to make a Classified post, not sure of the rules as a new member or what a fair dollar figure is for the whole shebang. We are in Northwest Indiana, about an hour from downtown Chicago.

I know that there are experts on EVERYTHING that has to do with these lawn tractors, and they're on this forum!
Looking forward to some honest conversation on the best way to move it all down the road.
I've attached some tractor photos, and will put photos of the other equipment in another post.
My apologies if this post is not appropriate in this subforum. Mods, please move it if necessary.

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I know, right? But after 40-some years everything in there is pretty much fine. It's a dusty dry dirt, never sees rain or snow, never really been a problem. He keeps things up off the dirt itself or in the loft.

You lost me at stuffing pigs and hospitals, lol, but I like the phrase, going to use it if you don't mind
Found a couple of these on Craigslist for $1745 and $650 working, $150 in bad shape
They're still on Craigslist, too, you know?

Great idea about an auction, there is some kind of online auction just south of us, I expect I would have to get a trailer and load everything up and haul it there. Not sure this is worth the drive from downstate for those other auction houses, but maybe they make a circuit around the state. Will give the local guy a call to get an idea on what he'd do with this.

nywoodworks and Bob (Fred) Driver:
Am just hoping these things might have some more years of usefulness, didn't think too much about them being collectable, but hey, we all have hobbies, right? Fred, pay no mind to Elizabeth, lol. Very interesting about the Onan engines vs Tecumseh, that's a plus. Excellent point about the snowblowing, as we are at that point in the year here.
Looks like the world has moved on from Craigslist into Facebook Marketplace and groups, you both make a good point about that being the way to go. I tried the link, Bob, but need a logon to go much further, and don't have Facebook now. I had an old generic Facebook account from many years ago but can't log in with it anymore, and I hear it's a fair amount of headaches and time to sign up fresh again and get permissions for Marketplace and groups now.

Regardless, it's on me to pull all of this equipment together and get it ready to go, so that's the next step. Will also see if I can get both tractors running. Since they were both used during the last year, perhaps they only need a fresh battery and fuel. Going to have lunch with Dad-in-law today, and will see if he can remember more detail about what the starting problems are for each tractor. Odd that he's had no issues for what, 47 years, with these tractors, but this year is different. Will look into access to Facebook option also.
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