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What to clean a tractor with??

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Well, im my rebuild of my 444, I am uncovering a TON of crud. Oil, sludge, grass, etc. What kind of cleaner do you all use to clean the real nasty stuff? Not to concerend about the paint. What is there is already pretty fadded, or chipped, just want to get the crud out. I don't have a pressure washer, so what ever has to work with a hose. Any tips for me??
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the simple green stuff works ok or i use the castrol simple green ripoff they sell at walmart except its purple. It works pretty well for breaking down grease and stuff..
also i used the 'orange scented' Gunk engine cleaner. i used that over the traditional because the orange one did not say it would destroy the paint if it got on it... that and the Castrol simple purple stuff worked well for me.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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