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What to clean a tractor with??

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Well, im my rebuild of my 444, I am uncovering a TON of crud. Oil, sludge, grass, etc. What kind of cleaner do you all use to clean the real nasty stuff? Not to concerend about the paint. What is there is already pretty fadded, or chipped, just want to get the crud out. I don't have a pressure washer, so what ever has to work with a hose. Any tips for me??
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My vote goes for Simple Green. It does a good job cutting through grease and you don't have to worry about environmental issues. It is not oil based.
Try this. Find your wifes finest linens, the ones you use at Thanksgiving dinner, and use them to wipe the dirt off of the offending item. After you do this, give them back to your wife for cleaning. This method is guaranteed to end ALL of your problems.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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