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What is it?

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What is the implement behind the tractor at the top of the page? Appears to be spreading out windrows like a teddar, but never saw one do that even a job. Or is it a windrower that you have to run driving backwards? Don't get much exposure to fancy equipmnet in my part of the Missouri Hills.
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The Guy Driving is lookin straight ahead

He is cutting and spreading whatever the rows are at the same time.I am thinking someone took artistic licence drawing the picture. It was not a farmer.
worse yet

Check out the John Deere At the bottom of the forum.This guy looks like he running over his rows to get at the next row he is working.Remind me not to hire him.
that's not what i meant

My complaint with the guys work is that he changed up the direction he was working and he has to drive over a lot of cut crop to get squared up again. You can see tire tracks coming across several rows.It seems to me not to be a very efficient pattern he is using to work the field. doing a lot of driving where he is not getting any work done. John Deere guy that is.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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