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What is it?

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What is the implement behind the tractor at the top of the page? Appears to be spreading out windrows like a teddar, but never saw one do that even a job. Or is it a windrower that you have to run driving backwards? Don't get much exposure to fancy equipmnet in my part of the Missouri Hills.
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I am really getting a kick out of all of the wild remarks and analytical commentary about the picture. :D It is amusing as
heck! :D I especially like the "radioactive beams" and "city-boy rendition" HAHA ---:D

outta here
My amusement continues.... :D :D :D :D -- Pretty soon there will be superzooms of 800x-2000x going on and you can bring in that girl from the movie "Rising Sun" to analyze the pixels and see if the disc was forged or not --- :D

I am not laughing at you guys --- just enjoy the discussion.
The official answer will come shortly -- maybe right on the dawn of the 10,000 post.

Slipshod, you never miss a beat! I thought that was a wild looking pic of the JD too ---- so I put it into the mix.... :)
Parts man is absolutely correct --- no "city-boy" renditions, this is an actual picture. :D

Right again, parts man ---- Boy you are on a roll ------ :D

2 pics down and perhaps MR 10000??????????


1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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