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Mom picked up an 800cc CanAm 6 seater. It is a bit slow, but a nice machine. I live close to my place of work. I am thinking of picking up something for commuting. A golf cart might not manage the hills so well, so a SxS strikes me as the best solution. I was thinking maybe a toolcat actually, but they are a bit too slow and I imagine not very efficient cruising around.

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I've had my UTV for a few years it's mostly used a tool but also as a toy to just get out sightseeing in the woods and pastures.
These UTV's and ATV's are handy vehicles to get into a lot of places.
I just did a modification that really makes mine much nicer in the winter,
I had added a soft cab which stops a bit of the wind and slows down the rest which made it more comfortable in colder weather
but it was still cold.
I added a heater the other day what a difference that makes, the other day I was up in the woods with my nephew as he was doing some logging just to be around in the off chance of something going wrong. It was down in the low 20's outside but around 50 inside the soft cab.
I put in a chinese diesel fired air heater just a bit over $100. I have ordered some longer heat ducts now that I know it will work. It worked while parked and when driving in the woods and on the road while going back to my house at 35 mph.

My UTV, she is a large one will seat 3 across easily and 800cc twin for power.
View attachment 84366

Outside view with soft cab,
View attachment 84367

inside view with soft cab,
View attachment 84368

Heater ducts just tucked in from the outside, (I've got longer ducts ordered)
View attachment 84369

the heater,
View attachment 84370

View attachment 84371

This is the heater I got;
View attachment 84372
Does it use a name brand drive-train? I have always worries about long terms parts availability with a "no-name" side by side. I am guessing it uses some generic Chinese knock-off drive-line.
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