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Good Morning everyone! I am currently a student at the University of Georgia studying and researching the effect of the age of Pecan trees on yield so if any of yall currently have Pecan trees I would love all input on this Google Form I made! It is a private response and should only take about 2-3 minutes and let me know if yall have any questions!

Good Morning, I don't own pecan trees, but I do pick about 12 trees here in our TN community. In my opinion it is not about the age of the tree but about the HEALTH of the tree! The older a Healthy pecan tree is the more it will produce! The environment here in TN is humid at times and if a pecan tree is surrounded by high grass and weed trees and the like the area will hold too much humidity and the trees will suffer from blight like bacterium and stress the tees out and eventually not produce as much. The questions you asked will not give you the info you are seeking. Actually, this question has been answered years ago. We have pecan trees that are 50 to over 100years old. A better question is "what are the ideal conditions by which a pecan tree produces for 300 years?????? Pecan trees produce More each year with ideal conditions! Air flow around the tree is most important as I have found.
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