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I need a tube in one of my tires and have found a few of them on line ranging $38 and up.
Names like Firestone, AMA, Carlisle, Big Max, OTTD, Dawg pound, and more. Stems like r218.

I am kind of confused.
I need help figuring it out, or are they some what all the same?

Should I just get a R218 stem and a mid range price for quality?
Are some thicker then others?
Do they have tube protectors for the person that has had their rim welded(repaired) from rust/corrosion(ballast) ?

Sorry about all the questions guys/Gals.

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The gizmos used to protect tubes from wheels are called Rim Straps. They are available, but hard to find in tractor rim widths. Used to be very common, but modern wheels and ballast materials are no longer prone to rusting.

As for tubes, I order heavy tubes when I use them. All tubes walk around on the tire carcass because pressures are low, so the heavier the better.

I order all tubes with the TR218A valve stem for rear tires out of habit. If you are not liquid filling, a conventional stem that fits the wheel hole works just fine.
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