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Transmission adjustment

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I made a brake adjustment a few weeks back on my brakes for my older LT1000. After a couple of days, I hit the brake/clutch and it would hang up. Only way to get it going again was to push the brake/clutch toward the driver. It would then pop back into gear. My question is,

If I tightened the adjustment nut too tight, could it cause this to happen. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Just curious. I haven't had time to sit back and look at it (been too busy playing with my new toys!!!). Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Spring

Originally posted by jodyand
Is there some kind of spring that pulls it back maybe its sprung or missing.
Or is something adjusted overcenter? Done that before. Adjusted a little to far to compsate for wair, and a peice of linkedge goes overcenter, and does some strange, hard to find stuff.
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