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Trailer ideas

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Any of you all have a utilty trailer, or have made one? I have one that I have to rebuild, and I am looking for ideas for the tailgate.

I have had this trailer for about 12years. It was a popup camper at one time, and someone added a playwood floor, and wood sides. After years of hard use the floor just rotted out. So I stripped it to the frame, and am rebuilding it with a stronger toung, [old one snapped. With my 444 on it. THAT was a fun day!!!] and using 5/4 deck boards. Now, it never had a good tail gate setup. Two clips on top, that it would bounce out of on the road. It was a real PITA, becouse you had to tie it on. a thought I had was to make a lower hinge out of steel pipe. Weild a lenght on to the frame, and anouther to a peice of angle that will be on the tail gate. Maybe use a peice of rebar for a hinge pin. Put a bend in one side, and a pin in the other side so it can be removed. I also thought of a mod to that. Do two smaller hindes on the bottom, with two seprit rebar pins. Then on the sides of the gate do the same. That way, depending on what way I pull the pins, I can flip the down, to the left, to the right, or by just pulling 4 pins remove it all together. I am also planing on having the side pins, also work as a tailgate strut. Kinda like a pickup has. That way I can pull the side pins, tilt the tail gate down, than use to pins to hold the gate level with the floor, just like a pickup.

Anyone have any other ideas? Some of you that do a lot of fabing, am I missing something in my idea?
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