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I have a 13 acre homestead/farm in Ark. There are 8 acres to hay which is leased out for the Hay. The remaining is bush hog area with about 2 acres of to be mowed home area.
Question is, what is the best/optimum tractor package for the maint of this type of farm. I have looked and research Mahrinda, Kubota, Old!! Farmalls and IH.
My opinion, is that I need a 45 HP or more with a front loader and a trailing 48" bush hog to start.
My $$ range is nmt 10k and nlt 5k/
I have a US Steel bldg for storage and maint. Also my experience with tractors is dated to teen years with a Alis Chalmer C.
Will corresepond thru this medium with you all.
Thanks in advance.
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