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well this looks like the most unused forum here. I'msurprised there is not more Toro owner out there. or on this forum
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I wonder if we include snowblowers under this heading. I have three different Toro Snowblowers. One is a Snow Pup circa 1950's, the other two are 80's and 90's standard blowers.

I even have the owners manual for the 1950's one.

Probably a collectors item, but I still use it to clean off sidewalks and decks when it isn't that heavy a snowfall.
I just bought a toro snow thrower this past weekend. There is alot of machine here for the price tage of around $1000. If anyone wants to see pictures just tell me and I will post them.

brands and equipment makes and models

I would say anything under these brands Toro,Wheelhorse,Lawnboy and Gilson would be welcomed under this forum heading.
TORO's main market penetration today is in the Commercial Zero Turn Mowers with a 43% market share (Toro-Exmark, Toro's company). Almost unbelievable that out of 100 Commercial Z's that Toro is selling 43 of them. For the record JD isn't even close. While they have proven this market, they have slipped on the Tractor side( this is my opinion only). Now instead of lawn and garden tractors they are selling consumer ZTR's. With prices around $2500 on the Timecutter they have had success.
Speaking of ZTR's, I test drove the Cub TANK and it was just like that. What a well built machine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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