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Well, it was bound to happen, as I doubt any OS is 100% secure. However,I find it interesting that this is a "theoretical" virus brought to attention by an obscure company who offers protection for an obscure situations (viruses on Macs)! I'll be sure not to double click on any 88kb mp3 tagged files. :furious:
While you guys are updating your virus definitions everyday, worrying about what pop-up blocker works best, running AdaWare and Spybot daily, I will actually be using my Macs to make movies of my kids, managing my money and activities, Photoshopping, listening to music and radio, and most importantly, spending entirely too much time on this site! :lmao:

This sums it up a little better than I can:

Intego discovers trojan horse for MacOS X, acts bizarrely about it
4/09/04, 7:37 am EST

The first trojan horse to affect MacOS X, discovered by antivirus firm Intego, is said to exploit the user's system by masquerading as an mp3 file. However, the trojan horse is not currently in circulation and, for that matter, does not appear to actually exist. Intego has apparently merely discovered "proof of concept," meaning that such a trojan horse could theoretically be created. Furthermore, Intego's insistence on treating the discovery as if it were a new product announcement have cast doubt as to the legitimacy and severity of their entire matter. Bizarre actions on the part of the company range from having a PR firm send out a press release announcing the discovery, to placing banner ads on its own site making the announcement that, when clicked, prompt the user to purchase on of Intego's products. Even if this trojan horse does indeed turn out to be legitimate, Mac users should be comforted in knowing that in contrast, Symantec has discovered nineteen similar vulnerabilities for Windows so far this week.
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