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Well, I guess it is time for me to give you a little info about me and my background.

I live here in Hammond, LA with a wife and 2 children - 7 year old daughter and 1 year old son. We live on a modest lot of 10 acres and have a nice red/white painted single-story ranch style home.
My wife works at home and takes care of the home, trains horses (english/jumping etc) and (quarter horses, shetland ponies, warmbloods, etc) & takes care of the1-year old. I am an Sr. Engineer who manages the high-speed internet cable modem system for Charter Communications for the state. I have been involved in PCs since 1980 and I have been involved in professional networking implementation, design and troubleshooting for the last 10 years. I also design all of the commercial optical Gigabit networks for the Charter Business Networks side of the business. (hotel/motel high speed internet, hospitals, universities, government centers, etc)

I am first-generation on everything that I have been able to achieve and possess. We are not materialistic but we do like to have some a nice and comfortable home and a place that our family and friends can feel happy and safe. I am proud of my family and my growth recently into a better man who is far less involved with himself and more involved with his family and the truly important factors of life. I own 2 Craftsman riding mowers (older 19HP Twin Turbocool 1996 and 2003 GT5000) and a Ford 8N that I restored some time ago. (1948 engine on a 1950 model)
In any case, I try to give back to my community by being involved in my local First United Methodist Men's group and church and also the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. I believe in works and by doing, great things can be achieved.

I feel that each walk in life is independent. I felt compelled for some reason to create this site and try to offer people a calm, relaxed, fun and new place for them to communicate, share ideas, stories of their life and other ramblings as they see fit.
I hope that you enjoy your time here at It is the people that matter --- to me it is all that matters. I hope that you can find time to help me develop this site and that you truly get something great from it.

Thanks for joining and I will always do all I can to help each of you with your experience here on this board. If there are any ways to improve your time here, just let me know.

Have a great day!
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