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Members, Moderators, Friends... :)

I am seen the light and it is REALLY nice. I have completed even more of the new site and believe me, this is going to be the one that seals the deal --- the best site of this kind in the world. (well, I might be biased - haha) I have made some adjustments as well to the forum sponsor spots on the board. I will have a small, classy sponsor spot open for a FEW SELECT VENDORS and that is all. No banners, pop-ups or anything trashy. (and NO MUSIC --- SIMPLEJOHN) ;)

Each forum section (not each forum area) will be able to have unique sponsorships. Such as : BIG TRACTORS, LAWN GARDEN TRACTORS, AGRICULTURAL, etc. etc. For a more vivid idea of this layout, please check out this site below.

Look at the classy logos embedded in the forum sections as
Proudly Sponsored by: (look at forum areas - to the right)


If any of you can think of any quality and reputable sponsors, vendors for this forum, please advise. These additions must be of the high-quality in service, selection, customer care, support and prices for the community and our forum members. This is not a economical based solution, but a chance to share this site with some unique companies. Perhaps, they can help pay for just some of the changes, upgrades here -- or pay for the PARTY! :) (or maybe just agree to have a referral link and logo back to our forum -and- agree to provide our members a discount on their services/products and bulk rate deals --- if applicable)

The party sounds good to me!!! Let me know your thoughts.
Please have the prospective vendors, companies, etc contact me personally at [email protected] --- I will pass it by all of the moderators for their review and voting before adding anyone.

I thank you greatly.
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