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If you were to buy a weedwacker for taking care of 2.5 acres, half is bermuda grass with a few trees. The other half is bermuda/ pasture grass mix and Locust trees that need tamed. What would you buy and why?
Any others?
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I guess I would be mostly looking at

- weight
- durable/reliable
- balance
- perceived value versus $$$

Echo has some nice models as well as Stihl. I am assuming you are talking weedwacking only and nothing with replaceable heads. Depending on the level you want to buy into, even the Ryobi's are pretty good.

I've also even seen people buy based on the oil mixture ratio. They wanted to have as much equipment as possible to use the same mixture ratio so they didn't have a bunch of can's of gas.
I really like my Cib Cadet trimmer.

The CC trimmer is absolutely sweet. Best one I have owned --- very powerful, a sure thing to start and run without hesitation and I feel it is a really good -- got it from Lowes for a good price.
The only problem I have is that it is a traditional "bump head" feed model and of course we all know the problems with those things. ;)

I am leaning toward the new stihl set up with the split boom. I like the idea of having more than one attachment and only one motor. The string trimmer is mandatory, the edger would be the second tool and then the hedge trimmer last. I am just trying to gather as much info as I can before I buy. I already have a stihl saw and like the idea of using the same mix on both. I have a craftsman weedwacker now and it uses different mix. It is just time to upgrade to a more professional model. That craftsman is killing me!:rolleyes:
I had the Ryobi one with multiple attachments and I liked it very much. The only thing was that the edger kicked my %[email protected]$# due to the amount of sidewalk I had to do. I think the edger attachment is nice for periodic and limited distance. I think I calculated somewhere around 200 feet of sidewalk, doing both sides gets you to 400 and then the lip between the curb and the grass gets you to 600 feet and that was just too much... I got a used seperate edger that works awesome.
Stewart, I sell all the brands you listed plus Shindaiwa. The Shindaiwa and the RedMax are my favorites, they give great power and are generally lighter in weight for the horsepower. All current models feature solid steel drive shafts to transfer power from the engine to the lower gearbox, this does two things, first it doesn't have the flex like a flex cable trimmer does so it has less viberation, next is the durability factor, the steel shaft works the best if you ever decide to put a blade on it. I would recommend the Shindaiwa T-230 or the T-260 if you want more power. Next would be the RedMax BCZ2400S which is a great trimmer,next would be the Stihl FS85, then the Echo SRM-260S, and last but not least would be the Husqvarna 326LX. As for Cub Cadet, I'm a dealer but I quit selling the regular CC trimmers as they were only Ryobi trimmers rebadged. I can't stand the thought of selling something based on the brand name instead of the quality of the product. They (Cub Cadet) are bringing back the Cub Cadet Commerical trimmers that are Japan made by Shibuari ( I think I spelled it right) to sell in TSC. I recomend finding a good dealer to help you pick the best trimmer and give you service after the sale.
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Currently own a Ryobi brush cutter. Only had it 4 years but have put it through some rough stuff. This summer I used it to cut brush from a barbed wire fence about 2 1/2 miles long thru the field and woods. Then went back and weeded so we could make repairs. Still kicking even though I had to replace the pull rope. My buddy has a Redmax brush cutter (not sure model) that we used to clear all of the 4 wheel paths. Either one would be my choice if I needed another one. Other buddy has a Poulon with the chain saw attachment, seems to do alright but seems under powered for me.

I've had good success with Ryobi till E10 became the standard. I just couldn't keep the fuel lines intact. Ryobi does make one of the best bump heads that they sell separately that I believe can be applied to any straight or curved shaft trimmer.
My wife wanted me to get a trimmer to do the electric fence. I gave in and we got a husky. I adapted an alligator steel 3 blade cutter for it. Easy to use, balanced. I went to use it today - been a month and a half since I last did use it, and it was in the low 50's. It wouldn't start. Sluggish rope pull. Next spring I'll tackle it.
I have to admit- I hate these small gas engines. When they run- they are good- but I feel like smashing them when they don't. This one was advertised as an easy start model.
Best one I ever had was a cheap ryobi from HQ about 25 years ago. I wore it out, welded the cable shaft together a couple of times, etc. Finally melted the plastic on me. That one was phased out.
Once bought a battery/charge electric start one. That was junk too.
I would buy the echo

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