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2007year Montana 4540
Please forgive my limited familiarity with lingo.

I want to know the expected source of input for the loader controller.
Loader looks factory - Loader and Tractor paint and manuals clearly match. (Color, size, paper, font, poor English, etc.) Yet, loader mount was installed with soft and too-short bolts which leads me to suspect it was mounted after oversea transport. Dealer says loader was on when it arrived new to him. Hence it may be a non-standard mounting.

The Story:
I broke the eye off end of loader controller spindle, so joystick not attached to it.
Installed replacement controller.
Significantly more resistance to moving new joystick around than with original controller.
Functioned fine.
After couple hours of use, commenced spewing fluid from bottom of controller.
Sent off and got replacement. Installed. Same model.
More resistance to movement of joystick than original, but less than 1st replacement.
Functioned fine.
After couple hours of use, commenced spewing fluid from bottom of controller.

Original did not have Power Beyond plug, and as seen through tank outlet of original, open center chamber open to tank chamber. Thus I assumed controller was last in series from the pump.
Yet, loader book makes reference to PB plug.

When second controller failed, I noted that spewing started to manifest only when grapple (via auxiliary control valves) function met serious resistance. This leads me to ponder that loader controller source is first from pump or in middle somewhere. That would also explain why Loader Book referenced a PB plug - though the question of why no PB in original controller looms.

Access to determine source of Loader Controller input is very limited. It could originate elsewhere in the series with a monoblock stoutly enough built to tolerate pump pressure backwash on the tank return side.
Now that I have gathered my thoughts I plan further assessment of what elicits spewing.

Any way...
Here is my question:
Anybody know the standard source of power to Loader Controllers on Montanas?

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