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The winch on my trailer is an 8,000 lbs Ramsey. It originally came out of a Holmes wrecker. One thing for sure is I miss it right now, the motor started getting hot so I took it off and took it into the shop for a rebuild. The winch has been a life saver many times, even got me a free tractor. I used it to get my Farmall A out of the trees where it was parked.
I have a deep cycle battery and 10 amp charger mounted in the trailer tongue. The battery charges every time the trailer is plugged into my truck. System works well, and as soon as I get the motor back, I am adding a fair lead to it. I also have a snatch block to double the pulling power.
One duty it performs real well is stump freer. I dig the stump out with the back-hoe, then loop the cable under it and bring it back to the trailer to anchor. It slices the stump loose like a wire through cheese.
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