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One sure can tell that spring is here. Seems like I'm spending more time outside than inside. It makes it tougher to visit the forum as often. Went to a auction yesterday, dang no Case tractor. They did have a Case drill, disk, and a 5 bottom plow. The plow brought 200.00, the tandem disk (16ft ?) 300.00. I didn't get to see the drill sell. I however got to see the biggest plow I've actually seen. There was a 11 bottom IH plow, wished I would have had my camera, it brought 2400.00. It's been sometime since either plow had done any plowing.

Today was windier than windy. I went to help my brother haul some tractors. I hauled a Farmall 450 and a H. What a journey home. My old dually just couldn't handle the wind,(not sure if a hemi would of helped) was lots of 3rd gear, best I could do against the wind was 35-40 mph. So if anyone from Montanna or Wyoming is readind this please turn down the wind and send rain. Well kind of rambling here, will check in when I can.
BTW I did buy a 3 bottom IH steel wheeled plow for 10.00. The auctioneer is suppose to bring it tomorrow :) :)

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