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Spike has been busy "over there"

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Garden web had a influx of new guys recently, some good and a couple of "wise guys". One nice fella had a question about older garden tractors that would operate a shaft drive tiller. I answered his question last night and I notice the entire thread is gone today. No mention was made of ANY other web sites and all was polite. I don't know what happened there. One of the wise guys spent his short time stirring up the pot and has been "disappeared". His threads remain, but his member page no longer exists. I've seen other posts disappear and threads disapear with and with out reason. Kind of a haphazard enforcement of Spikes will which is unwritten and unpredictable. I feel better now that I have vented a little of my frustration. Thanks for putting up with my vent:)
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I’ve been around the GW for a while. In my opinion, Spike’s behavior hasn’t changed that much over the years. He’s always been a bit overprotective. However, I think Andy’s “advertisement” was a slap in the face for him. I’m still stymied as to how Andy’s posts remained as long as they did. :confused: Perhaps he made a deal with Spike or it could be a simple as Spike being on vacation. Regardless, I’m sure Spike is just being Spike – maybe a little overly cautious right now, but he’s doing what he’s always done – ruling – it’s a power thing…:duel:

I came here from GW and love it. I haven't posted over there since coming over here, however I do go over and read some of the posts. Last week I finally decided to help out with an answer to a question a guy posted only to find out that I was sent to Disney. I don't know why or how long ago Spike sent me there but like everyone says it's his site. My only intentions over there were to help. GLAD I'm over here.
amicks your a good man

I just want to say that if i lived in NC you would be my dealer for everything. The way you haved helped itzbinnice on the Snapper site is really great:thumbsup: You have went above and beyond the call of duty and we need more like you on here. Garden Webs lost was our gain and they lost someone very valuable and we gain someone very valuable. You are good Moderator why you don't have it under your name i don't know. Maybe Andy forgot to put it there or you didn't want it there whatever the reason were glad your here. You are a valuable asset to this forum you let us see the new Cub Cadets lineup long before anybody else. So i just want to say thanks for your help on here because you are a valuable asset and for going the extra mile for a member in need.:friends:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :cheers:
That has been fixed Jodyand! I cannot believe that all of this time you have not been listed with the title. I totally and absolutely agree --- Amicks, has been a simply fabulous and wonderful person. No complaints about not having "moderator" in his title, nor any complaints about how "he has been slighted or locked out the moderators club" ---- Welcome Amicks --- Check out the moderator board and all of the posts.

Tony has also helped me out personally and I truly appreciate his kindness and generousity.

Truly amazing.
Spike finally caught up with me this week. I've been traveling and tonight I came on to check out what is going on and I found out he had deactivated my account because "my email address was no longer valid" Which is BS. My email works fine. It is that a-holes way of getting rid of me. What he doesn't realize is that months ago, I created another account name with a different email address. The jokes on him.

I got myself in the middle of some "heat" out here on my business trip. I have been in southern California on business and I was "trapped" in Simi Valley, CA in a hotel. I finally got out of town yesterday afternoon and promptly flew out of So. Cal to Fresno California. Pretty scary sitting in your hotel room watching the smoke and flames climbing over the ridge only 1-2 miles away. Really unnerving. Makes me appreciate living in CT where wildfires are rare. We only have to deal with blizzards.

I am heading back down to LA to fly home on Friday. I stay overnite in LA at the airport hotel.

Anyways, glad andy is kicking butt over here.
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OMG, leolav! :dazed:

I cannot imagine what you have been dealing with over there with the fires. I am happy to hear that you will be heading home safely. As far as GW is concerned, I have tried to refrain from commenting publically about it lately, simply to make things easier for everyone involved. I truly appreciate the support and dedication that all of the users here have displayed, and I welcome all of the people who are fed up with Spike's antics over there at --
I guess he wouldn't be resorting to such ridiculous behaviour unless he felt threatened by our actions and our movement here at

What he has ALWAYS failed to understand --- is that it was NEVER about competing with him for business or users, but about offering the best possible community board, period. No spiking, no Disneyland visits, no censorship. Just open forums with a friendly, graphical, feature-rich and fun atmosphere.

Cheers, leolav!

Nice plug

Whoever is Snake_1 nice plug for this forum :thumbsup: Let me know if anything has change at Disneyland since i have been there.:party:
RE: Disney Land
Posted by: Snake_1 z8 TX (My Page) on Thu, Oct 30, 03 at 7:51

Fastest way to disney?? Mention another (tractor forum). Hopefully I won't get in trouble for the that. I didn't mention you can remove the space and add .com.

Yeah, thats great! It's still there!
So are you Snake_1

Argee Are you:ditto: if so how long do you think itll stay up:question:
Still there at 12:20, that is kind of funny. I have thought of just typing in the tractor forum and see what happens.:serta:
I was thinking of doing that, but my wife goes to a few of the garding fourms over there, don't think she would appreceate it if I got her banned.:D
Originally posted by jodyand
So are you Snake_1
No, I'm not Snake_1, but I love the plug.
Whoever it is we need the creative mind!
Randy, thanks for the tractor forum . com subliminal message. Thats what got me here>>>>>>John

Welcome ------ :party:

Hope you enjoy your stay. :D

I meant snake

I meant to thank snake for the subliminal message over at gardenweb.
johnray... where about in Northern Virginia?
Snake shmake

Days are numbered! I imagine you will be seeing him soon.:whine:
Originally posted by Spike
Days are numbered! I imagine you will be seeing him soon.
Talk is cheap.
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