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Snapper RER

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If you are looking for a good rider for an acre or less the Snapper RER is for you. They cut good are very easy to work on the designed hasn't change in years why mess with what works:smiles:
Parts are cheap and easy to get.This is mine its 31years old its on its 2nd motor and 2nd transmission and still going strong.:clap: It has a 8HP Briggs and 30" cut which they don't make the 8HP model anymore but the ones today are just as good.:smiles: Jody:usa:


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:alien2: I have one just like that with an 11-HP Briggs on it. Mine is uglier than your cause it is pure rust coated with no paint left. It sho is ugly but cuts better than any of my 7 riders. I bought it for $75 and sold it for $200 then ended up buying it back for $75 after the mower belt broke on the first run and the owner bought a craftsman from her neighbor. So now its free to me with $50 to boot.:rough:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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