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I need to replace the 23.5 HP Kohler Command Pro (CV732-3011) on my Kubota 54" ZTR. The Kohler has 400 running hours and started burning lots of oil recently. I replaced 2 blown head gaskets but it still burns oil, so I guess the heads are warped and/or the rings are shot. I'm really not interested in another Kohler and am considering Honda and Kawasaki.

When new, the Kohler was rated at 23.5 HP gross/19.975 HP net. Honda doesn't make a 23.5 HP but their largest engine is a 22 HP (GXV690) that's rated at 26 HP gross/22.1 HP net. The Kawasaki FX730V is rated at 24.5 HP gross but I'm not sure about the net HP rating. The Kawasaki and the Honda are about the same price installed.

I'm a little concerned about going down in HP with the Honda, but it appears it is really rated about 2 net HP higher than the old Kohler. I know Honda is a great engine and I've heard good things about the Kawasaki, so any objective opinions are appreciated.

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