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Hi New guy hear form New Zealand.
Just bought this Shibaura, been told its the the same as ford 1900 but some of the specs seem to be different between the two, eg, 1100kg for SE3000 Vs ford 1900 shows 1700kgs on linkages.

Cannot find a Service manual or even a owners manual anywhere.

The 3 point hydraulics are shaking like crazy with Only 75kg of the forklift weight on it. DOes not shake when resting on ground. When i Put it into the top notch the the lever it stops shaking but sounds like pump is a full load. Also stops shaking when there's a big load on, like 450kgs load on forks. When lowering it is very jerky and goes in steps, not smooth linear drop.

The linkages also drop to the ground right away when engine is off.

I Was opening Ports on the hydraulics to try find which one had pressure for the aux hydraulic valve lever for forklift stack.
aux Hydraulic valve works great for forklift stack when i lift 500kg which is the rams max lift, So it must be getting full pressure there and not a All round hydraulic issue, and the power steering works great, Something to do with the 3 point linkage system. 3 Point linkage maxed out when i tried to lift 630kgs today ( + about 75kg for forklift ), Should be able to lift 1100kgs on 3 P linkages as per specs.

New Hyd Oil and filter cleaned 2 hours ago.

1-What is the top notch for, in the 3 p linkage control lever ( where it puts a high load on the pump and stops shaking )
2- What is the hydraulic valve for on the left under the seat ? doesn't seem to do anything.
3- what is the hydraulic valve for under the seat on the front ? doesn't seem to do anything, the brass ring spins on the thread and doesn't seem to make valve go in or out etc.
4-Would i need to bleed air out of hydraulics somehow?
5- can you please tell me what all the other plugs are for ? numbered on photos.

Thanks heaps

Video of shaking

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