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I let my dog roam free in the yard.He is afraid of the mowers so he stays away.

I wear shorts and a shirt and a pair of old tennis shoes.I wear glasses only because I can not see we out them.

If im running my trimmer I do where long pants and boots then and still wear my glasses.If it is a area with small rocks or tall weeds I wear saftey glasses.

No way would I wear long pants and boots and saftey glasses and a special shirt and hat.I would be the nut of the neighbor hood.Would look as silly as the Rail road guys that work the Railroad by my house.As soon as they step out of the vehical they slap on there hard hats.I know its there job related rules.But why just incase a meteror falls out of the sky. Out here in the middle of no where.Meat cutters wear them also I guess just incase a 1/2 a beef lands on there head.
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