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I have had this unit for about a year now and I am very excited to say that I made the right decision. I got my blower at Lowe's and I am so glad that they had "display" models to hold as this unit is very well-balanced and works extremely well. With blower speeds in exceed of 215MPH it is a REAL leaf mover! :smiles:

I honesly don't recall what I paid for the unit but it was not expensive (acutally Amazon sells it now for ~$60) --- especially for the quality & features! It is a REAL POWERHOUSE! :devil: This unit has dropped repeatly from storage (kids and dogs) hanging in the barn and it works everytime --- perfectly. It is quite the bargain and I highly recommend it. It has 2 speeds and even includes a leaf mulching attachment which basically reverses the motor and utilizes the "chomping" power of the inset blade assembly (not unlike the impeller in a jet drive boat engine) and it really handy.

All in all, if you are looking for a good sweeper, this one will fit the bill and without blowing too much of your precious greenies! :lucky:

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I have the same unit and used the blower for a couple of years before I figured out about the VAC. Again, the parts had been kicking around for a while. I finally figured out how to put the VAC parts together and WOW does it do a great job. In fact...I just used it today! (Can you believe low 70's today). I blew all the Maple seeds, the ones that look like a helicopter when they come down, into a pile and then ssssuuuucckked 'em up.

Powerful, well built, good balance, a real good tool.

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