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In the early 1980's I had two of these trucks (at the same time). They were both 1949 Willys Overlands. They came with Commando flat-head 6-cylinder engines & were 3-speeds with overdrive. Both were in bad shape when I got them.
The first one I restored was a frame-off project. I dropped in a Buick 198 V-6 & a 2-speed Powerglide, Thrush dual exhaust, carpet interior & electric wipers. The original seats were seats were 80/20 style with storage underneath. I replaced them with high-back captains chairs.
The second one was in better shape when I bought it & I put in a Mustang 302 with a 4-speed top-loader, dual exhaust w/bombs, carpeted the interior, ect.
On the second one I had a lot of trouble breaking the clutch linkage, motor mounts & u-joints when getting on it, until I re-designed & replaced them. Chaining the engine helped a lot.

Both had 5:38 gears, white spoke mags and were painted Burgendy color. The Emboss on the tailgates were painted beige.
Both were daily drivers & I got a lotta complements at the shows. It was hard to keep people out of them. Those trucks were tanks.
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