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Redirecting the muffler

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I have an L130, with a Kohler, the question is...

Currently, the muffler comes out of the front (???) of the mower, and blows directly at the grass I am about to cut. That's not a big deal, but when it is the leaves that I want to run over, they get blown around and sometimes away. The end of the muffler is about an inch tall and three inches wide... kind of rectangular. I was thinking about getting some sheet metal and redirecting this some.

My concerns were that if I redirect it to much, it might cause back pressure. I was wondering if others have delt with this before.
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I don't think you need to worry about back pressure unless you block off part of the muffler. If you put some sheet metal to deflect the air without blocking the airflow i don't see a problem with it.
The main concern in redirecting the exhaust would be safety. I would recomend calling Deere direct and voice your concern as they may have an answer. If you can't get an answer from them talk to your dealer. I personally lost a customer to a fire from a Sears tractor that caught fire as he was getting up his leaves, the leaves piled up in front of the deck on the tractor as he was vacuuming them up. The leaves caught on fire by the muffler and started spreading. As he was trying to put out the fire he himself caught on fire and he died right there. This was serveral years ago but it will never leave my mind, as the vacuum assy on the tractor was one that I had just sold him.

Maybe you could "swiss cheese" the sheet metal plate so it just disperses the exhaust instead of redirecting it. That should not cause any change in back pressure but cut down on the "blast" the leaves get. Just an idea.

Hmmm, interesting. I guess depending on the way the air is flowing, it may or may not help. I think I will have to look at it closer to decide what my options are.
Muffler for Kohler Command 23HP

I too have the L130 and have noticed the same problem. I was wondering if there is a recommended muffler that shoots to the side and runs a little more quiet. Any thoughts?
sheet metal wouldn't be an issue as long as you don't block the exhaust totally.
Why not go to your Deere dealer and see if a spark arrester is available. I know in California these are required, but the spark arresters I have seen redirect the exhaust away from the ground and straight out the front.
It is go straight out front. The is really the problem. It needs to be out to a side and up OR baffled the spread out. The problem is that the muffler is very close to being a blower
Originally posted by tisenberg
It is go straight out front. The is really the problem. It needs to be out to a side and up OR baffled the spread out. The problem is that the muffler is very close to being a blower
The idea I have is to get the spark arrester muffler. The stock muffler part number is GY20434, The spark arrester muffler is GY20481. This difuses the exhaust and it does not tend to blow straight out. I made a error in my statement and should of said it diffuses the exhaust. You all know sometimes we say something incorrectly and meant something entirely different. :cpu:
Are you planning on purchasing and installing GY20481, if so, please provide pics, rating, expierence, etc.
I do not really need the spark arrester muffler because I have a small number of trees and most are Douglas evergreens. with the few trees I have I just mulch the leaves. I have more of a problem with blowout from the deck then the muffler. I was only providing information as a option. IMHO this would make it a approved part and you do not modify the tractor and possibly void the warranty.
I'm telling you Toba, you need to route the exhaust under the tractor, hook up a couple of cherry bomb mufflers, and be the envy of your neighbors cruisin' on your Deere Harley!
:lmao: :lmao:
I was upset with my LT133 because the exhaust was blowing out the right side against the tire, getting it hot! I went to a dealer and he just shrugged and said. That's how it is! I drilled one hole in the muffler and riveted an elbow to it to eliminate the problem.
Argee --> I could do that... yes, that sounds cool. I'll even drill two holes in the side of the pipe. I'll install a sparkplug in one and maybe a drip feed off the fuel line. Any grass stringgers left behind will be sindged down. :driving: Just kidding, everyone knows the L Series doesn't leave stringers, only Cubs (JUST KIDDING)

That's funny.

I have it on my list of to-do's. I'll either go the arrester way, or putting together some sheet metal myself. Thanks for the ideas (and part #"s).

Geez, my list of to-do's is growing and growing and growing.
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