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I know nothing about this tractor, but I have a User's Manual for B275 which I think is much the same as a B250 with a larger engine?

The manual is in Swedish, so it is of no use in sharing it here. I see that the B275 has two filters for the hydraulic oil and you drain the system by undoing one hose clamp on the pipe (suction line) below the gear shift stick, turn the pipe to make it point away from the tractor and let the fluid drain into a container (see picture).

On the B275 there are two drain plugs for the combined rear axle/transmission fluid.

When I read about filter handling, filling procedures and other tasks, I realize that you definitely need manuals for this tractor to do things right. Parts are not easy to find, so properly performed maintenance is very important.

If you can not find a good manual to buy, try the free ones at CMN (Downloading need registering):

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