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Rear End Leak - Sunstar

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I picked up a Simplicity Sunstar a few weeks ago. Mows like a beast! I keep it up at my farm about an hour from our house. When we got there today I noticed a wet spot under the back of it. Looks like fluid is leaking where a hose fitting goes into the rear-end or transmission housing. My question is should I try to tighten the fitting or is there likely an O ring or something that needs replaced?

Also, where & how do I check the fluid level to ensure I haven't lost too much?

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Welcome to the forum. I don't know what model Sunstar that you have, but I'd say that the fitting does have an o ring.
I believe the part number for the fitting is " Simplicity 1669954SM FITTING HOSE ELBOW 7 "
Thank you. It's helpful to have the PN. If there's an O ring, do you think I could just replace it vs the whole fitting? I was also wondering if the fitting may just need snugged back up due to vibration, etc.
I'd try to snug up the fitting. Just go easy.
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