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Hi all,
I am currently near Dayton OH. I've been the USAF for 17 years...3 to go. We bought a farm in MN in '06 and in '07 I found and bought a 1944 JD AW that my grandpa farmed with from 1955-1965. I spend a few hours on it each time I go back to MN on leave. So far I have rebuilt the temp and oil guages, the carb and mag, cleaned the sludge out of the cooling system and replaced the head gasket. It sure starts and runs better now. My current project (in my garage in OH) is a JD model H series 50 spreader. I have it completely apart and am gradually blasting the rust off. I should have new sheet metal in the next month or so and can start putting it back together again.
Ty Peterson
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Welcome, Ty, and a huge thanks for your service!

Welcome to the Tractor Forum Ty and Thank you for your service!!:usa:
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