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Questions on a B&S 14hp OHV engine

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I have this engine which was originally on a MTD or Murry Lawn tractor. I am intending to use it on a powered deck for on a ATV.

I am not familiar to much with the newer OHV engines per se, but my questions are:

What is the wire that goes to the carb flaot bowl for. Its a solenoid from what I figurerd out when I dissassembled the carb to clean it. Is it necessary for this engine to work, here in the south. Someone once told me IIRC it was an electric type choke for cold weather.

Now my other question is what are the two pairs of wires for that come out under the shroud. There is one pair of red and black and another pair of red and black, with the red wire on this pair haiiving what I assume to be the diode in the harness that would go to the charging circuit?

None of these wires are off the starter, 4 wires (2 pairs) come out from inside the engine.
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So what exactly is an "afterfire circuit" and do I need it? I understand you to say if I bypass it all I need to do is knock off the needles point, and it will work ok?

Ok 2 of the wires for the alternator, one for the kill system so whats the 4th wire for (1 pair of each red & black in a connector) 4 wires total? Would both alternator wires be red? or could it be a red and a black?
Well in another (yes I have to admit I did also post my original question in another forum ) and getting abaout 5 different repl;ies to my original queston on wires in this engine, the scoop is like Fish stated.

One pair of wires is for the alternator + & - and this will have the diode in line with the positive lead.

The other two wires are: the red goes to the carb float bowl solenoid, and the black to the magneto kill.

The solenoid on this engine was leaking so I just substituted a 5/16" fine thread bolt with a nut to snug up against the float bowl. No more leaks.

But somewhere along the way during the wiring in of the key switch to have electric start, and battery charge capability, my buddy got his wires crossed and hooked up 12 volts to the magneto kill wire, and smoked now we need to find a new magneto coil assembly.
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