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Pouland Pro Will not go into gear

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Hello all

I have a Pouland Pro, model PP175G42 that will not go into forward or reverse. I was using and I came to a stop then proceded to go but wouldn't move forward or reverse. With the riding mower off, I can put it in forward and goes into gear and I can't push it. I can put it in reverse and I can't move it. I can put it neutral and I can push it. But won't move when the motor is running. Any ideas what the problem is?

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Good Morning Gary, welcome to the forum.

Are you saying that you cannot shift into forward or reverse with engine running? Or are you saying you can shift into forward or reverse but it will not move with engine running? .
I can shift in both directions but the mower will not move.
See attached parts diagram. Possibilities that come to mind:

1. Drive belt broken or jumped off pulley? Stretched/frayed belt?
2. Sheared key on transaxle drive pulley shaft. Does the pulley turn but shaft doesn't turn?
3. Missing key on rear wheel. Does rear axle turn within hub of one rear wheel?
4. Does your tractor have a traction disconnect?
5. Broken axle or broken shaft in transmission?
6. It is very common for guys to leave out pertinent details. You say that you stopped, and then mower wouldn't go anymore. Did you hit a tree limb or maybe a rock?
7. Does the mower work?

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My Poulan Pro dropped a couple of bolts holding the rearend in place. The transmission rolled / tipped just enough to make gear shifting impossible. While trying to change gears, the linkage popped of which lead me to finding the rear end / transmission was loose. Something to look at.....
thanks for the replies. There is a brake lever on the side of my riding mower. I've never used this. How does this work and could it be part of my problem?
There is a brake / clutch pedal on the left side of the tractor, that comes with a lock mechanism on the side of the cowl to keep the brake applied when parked.
The brake pedal needs to be applied to activate the brake safety switch to start the tractor.... unless this switch has been by-passed for some reason.
You may have to dig into harry16's suggestions. Here's a parts manual.
I believe this model has a couple belt idler/tension pulleys under the seat area. Check for a spring, bracket or linkage that popped off or broke.
It sounds like you may have lost belt tension to the drive pulley. A belt could have popped off but I'm thinking you already checked that.
after further inspection I found that the drive belt has a lot of slack in it and there is little tension on it so it slips around the pulley above the transmission and not turning it. I did not see if a spring may have popped off. I'm not a 100% sure if it is still wrap around all the pulleys correctly. Also the deck belt looked like it has a lot of slack as well so I thought I would replace it too. Is there a procedure to replace those belts?

Refer to page 8 in the manual @pogobill posted.
Checking the tension with engine off and engaging the drive pedal.
If you do not have proper tension, check the bell-crank ground drive mechanism.

Bell-crank, #188,189 and 50 & 52, inspect all parts attached to this function including linkages, pulleys, belt path, etc.
Also, #190 is a belt guard/shield that helps maintain belt position.

Note: I would check function prior to replacing a belt or any other parts. The results should narrow your troubleshooting focus.
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