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a day ahead of y'all
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Today was grocery shopping day. Got that out of the way so I could focus on projects all weekend. I did manage to get another shelf up in the "shop" but in order to get have to get disorganized first! Pulling things off the lower 3 shelves, deciding how to re-arrange everything..bring stuff from the other shelves to where I want everything. Where did I get all this "stuff"??? Got a new ShopVac and will be cleaning and arranging things.

This weekend is also plumbing trouble shooting and fixin' time. Got a couple of "drippy" faucets in the kitchen and laundry room. Going to replace the "guts" of a bathroom toilet tank.

Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be rainy and windy. Good time to do projects inside.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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