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What are your yard plans for this weekend??

Me, Im still prepping for winter... back mulch around crab trees & magnolias. Plan to weed around the lilac bushes then mulch them maybe lime too if i have time...

Need to weed and mulch my rose of sharon trees too...

plan to break out my aerator/drop seeder (I know, not as good as the plug kind) but i will get 150 lbs of corn meal to fertilize the lawn.. I use the corn meal instead of scotts... im not a nutty crunchy leftwinger, i just have a small pond and dont want the scotts to kill my fish (brook trout)

Need to still stake up and wrap my warmer weather shrubs (magnolias) but i have a few weeks still..

Also need to burn some brush...

hope its good weather up here...

What are you all doing?

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