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Oliver manure spreader

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This was my uncle's. It had been sitting for many years under a partially collapsed shelter. It's in fair shape, a section of the bed at the rear is rotted out from not being covered over the years. Of course all the metal parts, guides, chains, blades, etc are rusted but everything looks to be there and original. In the process of getting 7.5-18 tires and over the coming months I want fix what needs to be and use it on our property. Any help with identifying for sure what model and year it is would be helpful. Here's some pics of ID plate and the spreader. It's hard to make out the complete serial # in the photo, the # is 7-24025.
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Looks like a Model 11 to me.......See if this thread helps you out any........

Here's a quote from the forum spreader guru, lazyd. Indicates the model 11 was made 1943-1959.

"My neighbor just gave me his Aug/Sept issue of Oliver Heritage magazine. There is a 7 page story on The first Oliver spreaders. Sounds like the 11 was made for 16 years up until 1959. That is when they closed the plant at Springfield Ohio. Get yourself a copy of it. It is a Very good article.... You have a Very Nice spreader there!"
If it has 18" tires...I'm going with a #7
The first number is the model so 7-24025 is a #7. Here's mine. By the way if you want to sell yours let me know :)
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