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The oil pressure gauge is the only mechanical gauge on the tractor. On a diesel there is a T just under the gauge, the oil line goes in one leg, the gauge in the other, and a oil pressure activated switch in the third. That switch is what activates the rest of the gauges and the alternator. On a gas the oil pressure gauge is still the only mechanical gauge but the rest are activated by the key switch.
The only thing the battery is needed is for starting or lights. So if you can start the tractor and don't need light you should be able to plug the oil pressure line and get home without issue.
Some of the later tractor replaced the steel line with a rubber hose because the steel was breaking from vibration.
Go at and you can lookup parts.
Go at you can purchase original operators, parts, and service manuals. FYI the service "assembly" just includes a high price binder The packet is the same just without the binder.
Hope this is a help----at least a little.
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