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2021 Kioti NX5010 HST CAB
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Well this is my first rough cut mower. Guess i did the job on these blades. I hit 3 rocks but i was cutting up old mulch that was done last year. To my surprise when i parked and clean things up i almost had a stroke when i seen these. 😆
This was after 2-3 hrs use. My question is….Is there a good set of blade out there that a person can get…ie. hardened or something. I have done mulching and owned a Heavy Duty rotary cutter made by Davco Manufacturing the type that get used on a CTL But i never seen anything like this before. It was like these blades were made outta aluminum to fold over like they did.Cheap steel i guess. I know I cheaped out and didn’t get a brand name one ie.Deere Landpride Bush Hogg. This unit is from where else,China and Beco has their name on it. It almost looks like a King Cutter Painted Red. Actually i think it is.
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