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Now how about fronts

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OK we talked about rear tires, anyone running anything special on the front?

My story is this.....

My Ingersoll's came with a smooth, ribbed front tire on them. Now a few parts of my yard are kinda mucky, and the ribbed tires plug up with mud. Realy they turn out loking like big snowballs. On my 444 I stitched to a more aggressive turf tire. Wile that is better, it still packs up bad, and when that happands it just sides when you turn. SO........ does anyone run something diferent on the front of there L&G tractors?

Heres is what I have been thinking....

Bar tires. some say to reverse the tire on a non powered front wheel. Any one hear of this?

Snow Hog tires. Seems like they would do the trick. Anyone know how long they would last in normal use?

The last.... I have a set of thinner, and a little taller 4 rib tires from an OLD garden tractor. Thinking of giving that a try, but I would have to rig up some spacers, and find bearings to fit.

Anything else????????
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Re: Front tire tread

That post from PeteNM has gotten me thinking about traction. I would be willing to bet that those ATV tires would offer the best steering because those knobs wrap up the sidewall. I had the same problems you speak of, and I installed turf treads on the front to get a little more bite. It wasn't that much better until I made and installed suitcase weights to the front. Took care of the majority of the steering problems, but also created a hard turning tractor.

Regarding the bar tread on the front. I have ag treads all around on my FNH. Even with the weight of the FEL, when I was pulling the double 14" plow I lost the steering ability at times. I corrected it by adding weight in the bucket and throwing it into 4WD. The point I'm trying to make is, it doesn't matter what kind of treads you have on the front if you don't have the proper weight to keep whatever treads on the ground.
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I think my above post contradicts itself. Let me reiterate to bring it into focus. I think the ATV treads would offer acceptable steering in most situations.
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