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New Tractor replaces 2166

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Just came back from the Cub Dealer show in Cleveland. There are plenty of 2166 tractors available now, but for 2004 you'll see the tractor change to a LT2180 with a new 18hp Vanguard twin cylinder engine. The tractor will be called a PowerShaft LT 2180 and feature the 42" Deck. There will be however a new tractor PowerShaft LT2138 which features the 16hp Kohler with a 38" deck. Cub Cadet is launching the most new tractors in a single year I've ever seen a company launch. They will have a lineup to compete with JD's Home Depot tractors. Yes Briggs engines and lower pricing. Too early to spill all the beans now, but look out for Cub in 2004.
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replacement tractors

Now I see the 1000 series are back are those the models they intened to market agaist the JD L series and are they keeping the 1500 series.
1000 series Cubs

One of the new 1000 series Cubs will be Cheaper in price than the L100 by about $100.00. and earlier this year I heard Cub owners saying that Cub would not Cheapen there standards for Box stores. Well I think they have for 2004. By the way I own 3Cubs besides MY JD.
Cub 1000

That is the problem I see with JD and MTD Cub. They got in bed with the Box stores. I myself prefer to buy from a Dealer. I just think JD and Cub are taking the traditions as top quality Machines and Throwing it out the window and Hurting there dealer base. But then again in the more rural areas the dealers are not doing so Bad on sales of the L series. Like my JD/Cub dealer couldn't keep enough of them in stock. I just hope the new Cub carry on the right way and don't have problems that tranish the Cub Cadet quality any more than it is. But so far the Sabre/Scotts and L series haven't done that yet in 7 years of production for JD. I gues I'll wait and see by the end of next year.

Looks about the same. Thanks for the picture

Amicks do you sell the Husqvarna Garden tractors. I just have a question about them Does AYP produce a Belt driven PTO tiller for the Husqvarna Garden tractors or do they use the same engine driven sleeve hitch tiller that they Have on the Craftsman GT's
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