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New Tractor replaces 2166

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Just came back from the Cub Dealer show in Cleveland. There are plenty of 2166 tractors available now, but for 2004 you'll see the tractor change to a LT2180 with a new 18hp Vanguard twin cylinder engine. The tractor will be called a PowerShaft LT 2180 and feature the 42" Deck. There will be however a new tractor PowerShaft LT2138 which features the 16hp Kohler with a 38" deck. Cub Cadet is launching the most new tractors in a single year I've ever seen a company launch. They will have a lineup to compete with JD's Home Depot tractors. Yes Briggs engines and lower pricing. Too early to spill all the beans now, but look out for Cub in 2004.
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Amicks, Will the 2186 still have the Kohler 18 hp V twin or will that be replaced with a less expensive Briggs and Stratton? With that change in price CC has had to make some compromises somewhere.
Amick, I want to thank you for for help when I posted a question on the other site. I had purchased a CC2186 with 6 hours on it that had been returned to s'EWOL that was still not running right after their CC service people had worked on it. With your reply I was able to fix it for less than $2. The fuel line between the fuel pump and the carb had a kink in it and when heat built up under the hood after about 20 minutes of operation the fuel supply to the carb was totally shut off. Thank God I only paid $2500 for this tractor, which has been great. If I had paid the $3699 s'EWOL was getting for this unit, I'd be real upset with the new pricing structure.

With the same purchase there were issues with s'EWOL over getting the warranty registered with CC. It took 6 trips to the store and twice as many phone calls. Their people don't know what they are doing and don't care. It was a terrible experience and made the "good deal" I got on the tractor not worthwhile. I got the impression they were mad at me for negotiating the deal on the tractor they couldn't fix. I tell everyone NOT to buy equipment from s'EWOL and hope you are sucessful in burying them with the new CC lineup, even though I suspect CC did what they did for them. s'EWOL probably has enough leverage with their purchasing level to dictate what they want CC to do. s'EWOL and the other big box store likely will be the downfall of CC and JD.
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I agree. LOWE's is a terrible place to buy a tractor from. To anyone who reads this forum---DON'T DO IT.
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