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New Tractor replaces 2166

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Just came back from the Cub Dealer show in Cleveland. There are plenty of 2166 tractors available now, but for 2004 you'll see the tractor change to a LT2180 with a new 18hp Vanguard twin cylinder engine. The tractor will be called a PowerShaft LT 2180 and feature the 42" Deck. There will be however a new tractor PowerShaft LT2138 which features the 16hp Kohler with a 38" deck. Cub Cadet is launching the most new tractors in a single year I've ever seen a company launch. They will have a lineup to compete with JD's Home Depot tractors. Yes Briggs engines and lower pricing. Too early to spill all the beans now, but look out for Cub in 2004.
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Sam, Yes I seen the 7000 series with the CAT engine and was told it would be available sometime next year, I think it'll sell if they can keep the price competitive. I seen the cutaways and was pleased to find out that the new 5000 series four wheel drive axle is mostly made in Kentucky by their Trans division. I liked what I saw. I drove the 5000 series outside and also the BX Kubota's and I like the Cub's better. The Cub is a lot cleaner looking and a lot simplier to drive and use. I think they have a winner and I can't wait to get some down here to sell. My problem this year has been availability of product as I had to pull a trailer up and pick up a 7304 in West Virginia that we had sold. Glad you had a great time at the meeting as did I.
The 1500 series will be gone, however we puchased about 20 extra units to have for now as most other Cub Dealers probably will. I'll miss the Kawasaki engine in the 1500 series. The new models will be very close to the 1500 series with engine and transmission changes to get the price down. The prices we received were a draft so I'd rather wait and give the prices on these models at a later date as they confirm them. I will say that there are no increases as far as I can tell. The PowerShaft LT2180 will be available later in the year or the first of the year as they are getting orders now before building.
53MGTD, Falling prices and a more powerful 20hp engine. I was told that it's a dealer only model, we'll wait and see.
Sergeant, MTD (owner of Cub Cadet ) has a LOVE affair with Lowes Hardware and they'll do anything to please them. Yes, I said anything. However they are adding a lot of new models this coming year and we'll have more better built Cub tractors at better prices. The new LT 1000 series is being built to compete with JD. The 1000 series tractors have the same frame, electric clutch,deck and Timken taper roller bearings in the deck.However it will have a new molded hood instead of the steel ones we've been using. The places they cut costs are using B&S ELS series engines and using a Transmission with less pistons in the pump otherwise the same trans. They cut almost all the dealer margin out to cut prices. However the Dealer will have a lot of new models that Lowes and Tractor Supply won't have and also at lower prices than what the discount stores sold them for this year. All in All the retail customer will be getting a lot of tractor for a lot less money. I think the stores like Sears will start to feel more pressure from the Cub as well as JD brand tractors going after their bussiness.
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Jody, Yep they are going but the LT1000 series will share almost the same parts except the hood, engine and trans. The big loss is the Kawasaki engine. According to the polls they did, they told us customers wanted three things when purchasing a new mower, Big horsepower, large decks and lower prices. Now Cub is reacting to what the market is asking for. They want to go after the market and give JD competition. I personally like the better quality tractors even though they cost a little more, though most customers want the best value. The problem lies with these box stores selling equipment and not knowing enough about the difference in the higher quality mowers to sell them, so the manufacturers are making it easy for these stores to sell more. I agree with Sergeant about the problems that come from lower price equipment, for one I hope the retail customers don't get the impression that they are getting the best tractors that money can buy. We all know that in the real world you get what you pay for, and we don't expect a $1600.00 tractor to compete with a $4600.00 tractor. We'll have to wait and see.
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The replacement for the 2166, DRUMROLL:hooray: :hooray: is the LT2180 .


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Jody, Yes it's the same frame and deck with a new twin cylinder engine and a new marketing punch ( PowerShaft 2180 ). They are going to put PowerShaft on all tractors that feature the shaft drive. The biggest thing for 2004 is going to be lower prices. We sold 2186 tractor's two years ago for $3999.00 and this year they dropped to $3699.00 , but next year we'll sell them for $2999.00. Thats ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS off what we sold them for, not off retail prices. I will be selling them for less than what I bought them for this year. It's good and it's bad, If you bought one this year or last, your resale value has dropped considerably as well as some used Cub's I have for sale.
53MGTD , Same Tractor with same engine but new lower price. I can't figure it out either.
johndeere, I'd sell you a new 2166 still in the crate for less than you'd probably take for your's. I don't think s'EWOL (backwards) wants to price match me now. In case you don't know, I was clintonengines on the other site ( here I can use my real ID ). :grapevine
It's fun over here.
Fact: John Deere sold more John Deere branded tractors at the BOX STORE this year than Cub Cadet branded tractors that were sold though Box Stores. I remember JD quoteing that in the 21 century they probably wouldn't need a dealer. I think HD can get anything they want for Deere if they ask. Everyone thinks this relationship with Box Stores is fine but time will tell.
Fact: John Deere dealers get $35.00 a tractor for asembly and making sure they are ready to sell at HD. Then he gets $35.00 a tractor when he gets the warranty card from HD and calls customer and sends card to JD.
Fact: HD sells 500 tractors at the local store and dealer puts every one together and checks, he gets $35,000 from this venture. His expenses are another full time employee, another truck for this employee to go to the HD store and put together tractors, Tools , Fuel for the truck, Insurance on the truck, He is liable for lawsuits if his employee does something wrong when assembling the tractor. His phone will ring with many questions about warranty related issues and most of these sales will result in the homeowner serviceing their own tractor. I can't see how the JD dealer will continue to be profitable unless he gets the other (LX and larger tractor sales).Time will tell. As for the way I use a calculator it looks like the numbers end up in the RED.:grapevine

Sergeant: I don't stock the Husqvarna Garden Tractor's but I'll check and get back to you.
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