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Previously I had some koi out with my game fish, but now I have a few bream and two bass that managed to get trapped inside the enclosure I made for the koi. They did not jump in and must have been trapped in the area when I set the enclouse in place.
I managed to catch the two bass, too small to do any damage to my ornamental fish, but they are now making the compost pile richer. I have been unsucessful with getting the bream without taking a chance on hooking the koi. Can't use a net of any type as there are just too many aquatic plants in this enclosure and don't want to risk breaking them. The bream have been bedding and have three beds made in the shallow end of about 10 inches of water depth. So today I drag out the old 4 foot long blow gun, and made a practice shot into ther water at a golf ball I placed in the water. Hit it dead on and it stuck, so the blow gun has sufficent power to penetrate and stick a bream, so I just sat back and waited for the right profile to be presented. I shot a total of four darts and got three bream. One more to go as far as I can tell. I was using the spring steel darts with a flattened and shaped razor sharp tip and they are pretty darn deadly. I was having a lot of fun shooting those bream so I decided to throw some food in the larger pond and knock a few of them off as well. I even managed to dart two at one time. Only lost one dart, but in the end I wound up with 17 darted bream and one catfish........

Other than the beds the bream made you could tell the bas and bream were in the enclosure when you put food out for the koi, as the koi come up nice and easy and eat it off the surface, where the bream and bass would make a lightning fast run and a big swirl as they hit ther food pellets. Tonight when I fed the koi not a single furious attack on food as I used to have. Just one more to go and I think it willbe free of the bream.....

I got some new pics of the new koi enclosure up as well as the wifes 1/2 whiskey barrel water garden on my website. Its linked off the main page as "Pond Project"
My website
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