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Bought some lighting off eBay for my Ariens and Gravely, and painted the rims on the Gravely, as well as the wheel weights. As you can tell I enjoy the look of IH white more than the stock gray.
First attached file is the bracket I made to fit 3 inch square combo flood/ in the s16.
Second and third is how it fits in the hood. To preserve the hood as stock, I made a clamp like apparatus that goes through the slats in the hood. Works pretty well.
Fourth is an example of their power. I swear my neighbors hate me now.
Pics 5-6 are my Gravely 7173-h, which is a repainted Ariens GT17. The rear lights on it are also on the s16, and I put new tires and fresh paint on the rims.
The final three photos are in sequential order of surface prep, both coats of primer, and the final coat of paint that is drying as I upload.
47383-06da54800be4e8e05913ed6afe9374e9.jpg 48AC136F-A618-4BC4-A40E-AF404020B5E5.jpeg B9E38C38-0E24-4CEE-99CD-F18810606389.jpeg 3A432E18-B569-4F8D-8586-9532DE5B8234.jpeg 31C93A43-B200-400F-B00E-C89D708FF6B7.jpeg 7B07E6AD-64A8-4E10-9992-A06C99E617D9.jpeg 379D35E5-DF4D-4DE0-BBB0-7722B3C93C62.jpeg AF04C656-2BDB-4E13-A872-0F832FE767FD.jpeg 576EFFC5-0F17-4636-B5DD-94A1812DD164.jpeg
Sorry for the strange format, I’m new to this forum. Hope you enjoyed.
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